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Chill is proud to offer intensive hands-on avalanche awareness courses. They are specifically designed to improve the skills of skiers and riders who may be venturing into the backcountry from any of the South Island’s ski fields.


Chamonix has the big famous tour with telepheriques, gondolas and lodges. Broken River has a funicular railway designed by an engineer club member! Assisted by a professional mountain guide, the tour starts at Craigieburn ski area and travels over the mountain peaks to Mt Olympus. The Craigieburns serve up a great tour between ski areas. You’ll see the entire range and link basins between ski areas - with riding on all aspects.


Heliskiing, Guided Backcountry Tours and Transport in the Southern Alps.

Haute Route Craigieburn Range

By Anna Keeling, Images Stu Waddel

Stu Waddel (Chill Adventures) and I, had long considered a route from Craigieburn to Olympus - or Porters for the fearsomely fit - as a brilliant alpine journey. We’d use dinner, bed and breakfast options provided by club fields and ski the many bowls between areas.

Early Season Snow Hunt

By Mark Bridgewater, Images Mark Bridgewater.

Many try to speculate about upcoming seasons, some get it right, some get it wrong, yet nearly always there’s a positive outlook. Personally, I like to adopt the ‘if it snows, get out there and enjoy it’ principle. There are always going to be let-downs and pleasant surprises with this approach, but you never know unless you get out there and try. Our super-early-season touring mission up to Mt Potts is a perfect example of this ‘get after it’ att

Hidden Gems

By Sam Masters

Time is your most precious resource… It can’t be bought, sold, rented or financed. Seconds count during that portion of your life lived in good health and good humour.

Footsteps On South Georgia Island

By Tom MacTavish, Images by Rob Stimpson & Tom MacTavish

In October 2015, Tom MacTavish took part in the Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Inspiring Explorers Expedition, to traverse South Georgia Island. The expedition marked the centenary of Shackleton’s famous Endurance expedition (1914-1917) and is part of the Trust’s intention to inspire youth to explore and share their experiences with others.

Georgia: Paradoxes & Parodies

By Neil Williman and Fabian Lentsh, Images by Simon Huber

Neil Williman and Fabian Lentsch have embarked on a snow-bound mission, in their purpose-built Snowmads ‘home’ truck. They started in Austria, and are filming and documenting their travels. Neil caught Chill Manual up with their Georgia heli-mission:

Symphony On Skis

By Axel Reiser, Images by Carla Braun-Elwert

‘A ski traverse is like a well composed piece of music. It flows with harmony, surprises with the unexpected. It engages all your emotions and the melody lingers in your mind afterwards. Good music needs players who are masters of their instruments.’

Gottlieb Braun-Elwert, after completing the first ‘Symphony on Skis’, 1985.

Riddle Of The Backcountry

By Sam Masters, Images by Mark Bridgewater

Lots of people talk about freedom. Others try to protect it with legislation, diplomacy or war. Backcountry skiers and snowboarders get to live it: experiencing total immersion in freedom’s joy and consequences.