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Chill contributor Ollie Hunt checked out the annual clubbies party ‘Ride the Vibe’ this week, and scored some epic snow this weekend, check out the highlights here:

With a week at work examining the snow report, I wasn't exactly overjoyed about the prospects of getting face shots this last weekend (4/5th Aug).
Heading up to the second 'Ride the Vibe' party at Mt Cheeseman's Forest Lodge on Thursday, with a bunch of mates from Uni, I wasn't sure what to expect. The description of last year’s event was interesting, to say the least.
Arriving at Castle Hill at 7pm, I managed to entice the boys into helping me unload a very full trailer of firewood. (The enticing was quite simple, as it was cold and they needed beds)
We drove up to Cheeseman to be greeted by lights screaming at us from in the forest. The interesting mix of people parted to reveal a more interesting mix of food - A venison and possum Stew tickled my fancy.
Ice Skating was again present, providing entertainment for both those attempting to skate and those watching them.
It may not have been so entertaining for the guy who fell in through the edge of the ice.
After a decent eardrum workout, we made our way back to the village. Perhaps coming home at 3 am wasn't the wisest move for work in town on Friday, but I persevered nonetheless.
I skied Broken River on Saturday, and through it was firm, it was still good skiing - instilling confidence in my new pin bindings too.
In a rare turn of events, my whole family was skiing at BR too, which was epic.
BR have been getting good use out of the groomer, which made for a decent long jump competition in front of Palmer lodge.
The fact that this was over the shaped up ‘water table’ made it a good watch for the crowd, but unfortunately for me Ben Hume managed to secure the win here, a combination of luck and momentum bringing it home for him.
Heading home for the rugby, we delegated driving responsibilities to a junior member, and everyone will agree that was a great call – except perhaps our mailbox.
Our delegated driver, Kit Pascoe, who shall go unnamed, succumbed to the limits of the Hilux’s steering lock, re-decorating the mailbox a little.
With the Crusaders demolishing the Lions on Saturday night, the likelihood of Sunday skiing was somewhat diminished. Persistence and tactical late-night messages ensured we made it up the hill. (Thank you, Will Harker, Jonty McCool and Tim Stevens)
With a late-night analysis of the freezing level, we elected to head for Olympus. Expecting bulletproof conditions, we were surprised and happy to find consistently good snow across the field.

Our second run was a hike to the top of little Alaska, where we skied some fantastic snow.

My line (top photo) was rather difficult to access – due to Griffin Moller already having skied the entrance and uncovered some rocks – but after some ungainly down climbing on skis (side photo, same angle as top) was more than worth it.
After watching  Will Harker send some backflips to the moon (below) and another 5 star lunch from Markos in the kitchen, we chased Todd Windle up the other end of Little Alaska, last year’s MOFO venue.

Ollie Hunt Riding the Vibe Backflips on the Moon 

Little did we know, this part of little Alaska had little snow, and my first few turns gave me little holes in my skis. Though this was unfortunate, another dump or two and this zone will be firing, and there is now a very short boot pack to access it. (Thank you Todd)

Photos: Jonty McCool & Ollie Hunt




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