We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for online feel free to give us a call on +64 3 365 6530 or email

Where do I pick up my pass from?

Chill Studio is located at Studio 7/75 Peterborough Street, Christchurch. Alternatively postage is available for purchase and we will courier the pass out to you. Postage is overnight to main centres, please allow for 2 days rural postage.


What types of passes are there?

The Chill5, Chill11 and Chill12 Season Passes are currently available on sale. The numbers 5,11 and 12 indicate the number of mountains available to ski at on each pass. We are currently selling the Season Pass and are working on a short term travel pass to be announced 24 April.


What mountains are available on the passes?

Chill5: Cheeseman, Broken River, Craigieburn, Temple Basin and Mt Olympus
Chill11: Rainbow, Mt Lyford, Hanmer Springs, Cheeseman, Broken River, Craigieburn, Temple Basin, Mt Olympus, Awakino, Fox Peak and Mt Dobson
Chill12: Rainbow, Mt Lyford, Hanmer Springs, Cheeseman, Broken River, Craigieburn, Temple Basin, Mt Olympus, Awakino, Fox Peak, Mt Dobson and Treble Cone



Are the Chill Anytime Passes still available?


Yes there will be a Chill Travel Pass for 2017, all details to be announced 24 April.


Is Porters still available on the Chill Pass?

No, Roundhill and Porters are no longer included in the Chill Pass.


We are a family, why can't we see family rates or discounts?

We set discounted rates for families. Simply choose the passes you want and receive a better rate than if you purchased the passes individually (all passes listed on the "Family Passes" page have already been discounted from standard rates, simply add these rates together to obtain your total, no further discount is applied to them).


Do you offer a Parent Pass?

Yes, we do. This was introduced in 2016 and is available as a Season Pass only and must be purchased at the same time as another Chill Season Pass. The Parent Pass is available for people with someone under the age of 5 years up until the 20th of June 2017. So the child must have been born on the 21st of June 2012 or after. We require proof of this in the form of a birth certificate to issue the Parent Pass.


How do I get the Pre-Season rate?

To qualify for the Pre-Season rate we must have received your payment before the 30th of April, no exceptions.


How do I make a bank deposit for my pass?

Our bank account number is 06 0801 066528001 (ANZ), account name is CHILL. When making a bank deposit ensures that you include your FULL NAME & ORDER NUMBER. If you are making a deposit in person at your bank please include your phone number as the reference otherwise we cannot identify your payment.


How do you define Child and Youth?

Child rates apply to children at Primary and Intermediate school.

Youth rates apply to High School students.

We may require written proof of eligibility for the Child or Youth Pass, if this is the case we will contact you. Please note: If you are under 18 and have left High School and are not enrolled full time in a NZ tertiary institution you are classified as an Adult.


I am a student overseas, can I get a student pass?

No, to qualify for a student pass you must be enrolled in a full-time course of study at a New Zealand or Australian institution.


How do I obtain a student pass?

In order to be eligible for a student pass you need to be in full-time study with a New Zealand Tertiary Education provider at the time of the ski season (semester 2). You must prove to us that you are enrolled full time (a student ID is not sufficient proof). We accept internal transcripts or a letter from the registry stating your enrollment details.


When and how will you issue passes?

We begin to issue passes in May/June. If you have paid for postage we will send them out to you provided we have received your photo or have a previous year’s photo on file. We endeavor to get passes out by mid May.

If you have elected to pick up your pass we will let you know when they are ready via our newsletter, website and Facebook.

Please note: If you have purchased a student pass you will need to come in to pick up your pass so we can see proof of full-time enrollment. Alternatively, you can email us your proof of enrollment and you can pay to have your pass couriered.


How do I upload my photo?

When applying for your pass you can upload a passport sized photo that clearly shows your face (i.e. no hats, sunglasses, goggles or helmets in the photo). You can also email your photo to


Is there a Midweek Season Pass?



Can I upgrade my pass?

Yes, if you wish to upgrade your pass you can and will only pay the difference between the passes.

Please note that you will pay the difference in face value from when you purchased your pass if you decide to upgrade and a $10 administration fee applies.


Do I have to have my own nutcracker and harness?

No, we recommend that you do if you're on a full season's pass, but you can hire them on the mountain as per their terms and conditions. We also have a limited number available for rent in-store.


Can I ski two mountains in one day?

Yes, if you're a season pass holder you can ski up to two mountains in any one day. If you are an anytime pass holder you will use one of your days each time you track in. So if you choose to ski two mountains in one day you will use two of your total number of days.


What is a loyalty rate, does it apply if you have had a Chill pass in the past?

The loyalty rate applies to pass holders who have purchased a pass in 2016 only. The same rates apply for people purchasing passes as a family or for those who are paid up 2017 club members.


If I order my pass before 30 April and opt for the in-store payment method, can I pay for it when I pick up my pass?

No, you need to pay for your pass before or on 30 April no matter what payment method you have selected when ordering your pass. If you come in to Chill HQ to pay for your pass after 30 April the Pre-Season price will not apply.


Can I use the same photo on my pass as last year?

Yes, we will have it on file.


Are there buddy days on the the Chill Passes in 2017?

Yes, by popular demand, we are offering one Buddy Day on the Chill Season Passes and the short term passes when they become available. The Buddy Day is intended for pass holders to hook up a mate and take them into the mountains. Great idea and very popular. We pulled it in 2015 because of reports of buddy days been sold in the ski area car park for peanuts. Bringing back the buddy day is good, we like it and we hope that car park sales are a thing of the past!


Are the Non-Ski Day Offers still available in 2017?

Yes, all passes will be able to use Non-Ski Day Offers in 2017


If I order a family pass, do we have to have the same pass types?

No, you can mix and match across the pass types, and a family discount, per pass type will be applied.


What is the best ski area to learn how to use the ropetow?

Ski areas like Mt Lyford and Hanmer Springs have both rope tows with nutcrackers and other tows (platter/T-bar). This gives you a chance to try it out and cross between the different tows during the day.

For the other ski areas like Broken River, Craigieburn. Temple Basin, Mt Olympus, Fox Peak. You can mention to the staff you're a newbie and they may assist with a few good tips. Also see the Licence to Chill Manual for a guide/tips to riding the tow.


What are glove protectors and do I need them?

Glove protectors are a leather sleeve with a built-in thumb. You wear them over the top of your gloves. If you're going to be riding rope tows you either need glove protectors or extremely tough gloves. Normal gloves won't last long!

We sell glove protectors and Kincos gloves which are tougher than most.