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C4 1000

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C4 is an experience in itself. The team at C4 offer amazing knowledge, experience & a sheer passion for everything to do with coffee. If you are a local you’ll know it either as a coffee shop in Christchurch or a coffee roasting company that may supply beans to your local coffee shop.

C4 supplies ‘the best blends and single origins to inspire people to join us in the quest for espresso perfection’.

C4 provides an exception quality of coffee, roasted daily. They have a great team that work for them at the shop front and they know there stuff!

They offer a shop front experience at 278 Tuam Street, Monday through Friday 8am-5pm & Sat 9am-3pm. Note that the coffee machine is closed from 4.30pm sharp.

If you want to share in C4’s day to day life then follow them on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram.